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We can provide as small as 2" and up to your specifications. We offer treating and untreated material. The wood species used for these poles is Douglas Fir or Pine. They can be doweled or natural, and provide multiple functions, from agricultural vineyard posts, fenses to sign posts and more.



We can provide any length and diameter of poles. We can deliver them treated or untreated. The wood species used for these poles are Douglas Fir or Pine.


STAKES -- For trees, vegatables, vineyards, or fruit, etc.


BAMBOO -  we can provide 2' to 15' natural bamboo, with varying diameters. We also provide green dyed bamboo stakes, split bamboo, and bamboo 'U' Trellis. We can also provide the clips.


WOODEN - The wood species used for the wood stakes is Douglas Fir/Hem Fir mix. The sizes can and will vary depending on the usage.




   Hop Poles                     Lodge Pole Pine Round Posts       Pea Stakes

   Tree Stakes                   Round Tree Stakes                 Berry Stakes

   Vegetable Stakes              Tree Props                        Tomato Stakes

   Vineyard Stakes               Nursery Stakes